Tobias Klein ist ein freier Fotograf in Deutschland. Er deckt ein breites Feld an fotografischen Aufträgen ab. Er ist in den Bereichen Hochzeit, Portrait, Action, People, Lifestyle und Architektur tätig. Er betreibt ein angemeldetes Gewerbe und die Zufriedenheit der Klienten mit seinen Bildern, ist seine erste Priorität!

I am a photographer based in Germany. I am quite diverse shooting Weddings, as well as Architecture. I also shoot a lot of lifestyle, action and portraits. Some call Freiburg the Tuscany of Germany others call it the San Francisco of Germany. Anyway it definitely is a great place to live!
What I am really passionate about is photographing people. It doesn't matter if they are still or moving, I like to capture the scene with my camera! I like to capture anything people related and to deliver great images that meet and exceed a client's needs. It fascinates me how people interact with each other and who they are. Knowing that an image is a powerful tool to evoke emotions in the viewer I compose and process my images with that in mind. Afterall it is the image that matters.

I am a registered Photographer

Let's make this something special!

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